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About the Twixie-Pixie Vision

At Twixie-Pixie, we’re passionate about crafting Handmade products that strikes the perfect balance of premium quality, unique design, and practical functionality.
Our aim is to be creative and as successful as we can in our business,  nevertheless we believe in the circle of life as we get we give back at the same time.

We have been travelling the world to find unique gifts and handmade garments.

In beautiful Nepal we stopped to breath the fresh mountain air and found amazing craftsmen and mainly craft women doing what they been doing for hundreds of years.

With their knowledge and skills and our feeling of designs in Sweden together we created Twixie-Pixie”s since 2007

            A Funky Colourful Happy range of Handmade  gifts, toys & Home Decor products made of 100% Felt/Wool

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Peace & Love from the Twixie-Pixie family in Sweden & Nepal